Inequality and social comparison

Another important dimension is social comparison. On one hand, we might want to reduce the will to consume beyond basic life necessities by acting upon the factors that increase social comparison with wealthy parts of society. On the other hand, social comparison could promote frugal lifestyles.

Some of the possible degrowth proposals in this field, developed at the Second international conference on Degrowth (Barcelona 2010) are illustrated below:
> A ceiling on the level of income (implying a 100% tax above certain level of income), as well a basic income are introduced.
> A maximum ratio, between the minimum level of income and the income ceiling, within both society and companies, is proposed.
> A progressive tax on income, property or natural resource use is proposed to finance basic income. Basic income can be provided in the form of local currency, and specific products and services like housing or health. There is a need to develop risk sharing systems for saving and financing for the transition. Pensions can be financed by green taxes.

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