Degrowth in the News

“Barcelona students to take mandatory climate crisis module from 2024”
The Guardian, 22.11.2022

“Why Does Fashion Love This Radical Anticapitalist Concept?” 
The New York Times, 17.11.2022

“Degrowth: A dangerous idea or the answer to the world’s biggest crisis?”
CNN Business, 13.11.2022

“‘Degrowth’ — Marxism is back for the modern age”
Financial Times, 6.11.2022

“Economic growth is destroying the planet”
Mail & Guardian, 6.10.2021

“The value of a degrowth economy: Our planet would be richer for it”
Independent Australia, 26.9.2021

“Do we need to shrink the economy to stop climate change?”
The New York Times, 16.9.2021

“A guide to degrowth: The movement prioritizing wellbeing in a bid to avoid climate cataclysm”
CNBC, 19.2.2021



Degrowth in Catalan news:

“Arriba el moment d’imposar-se límits”
El Punt Aviu, 11.12.2022