We currently offer two graduate courses:

Master’s in Political Ecology, Degrowth, and Environmental Justice 

This is the first master of its kind and one of the first all in the world in the flourishing field of Political Ecology. The master builds on a successful 8-year series of international Summer Schools on Environmental Justice and Degrowth and two ongoing European Research Council projects on global and urban environmental justice.

The program offers knowledge and tools for thinking and bringing forward the system change needed to tackle the current socio-ecological crisis. We aspire to train the next generation of environmental justice activists, engaged civil servants and entrepreneurs of the new cooperative economy, who will put in action the best ideas for creating a society that is fair, enjoyable, and ecologically sustainable.

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Online Master ́s on Degrowth: Ecology, Economics, and Policy

This is the first international master’s fully dedicated on research and policy for degrowth. The faculty consists of researchers devoting their work on degrowth-related areas and they will share and discuss their latest research with students. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of the theory of degrowth, and also delve deeper into current issues and debates, receiving training from the top academics in the field internationally. Particular attention is given to linking degrowth to questions of social and environmental justice, and building bridges to the pluriverse of ideas, which alongside degrowth, challenge extractivism and growth-based development around the world.

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