Financial dimension

The ever expanding financial and monetary sphere is related to our ever expanding exploitation of resources and humans.

A working group is being set-up on this issue. If you are interested to join please send an email to network {@} degrowth {.} net

Some of the possible degrowth proposals in this field, developed at the Second international conference on Degrowth (Barcelona 2010) are illustrated below:

Money and currencies / Financial institutions
> Limit interest rates and money creation (by introducing 100% reserves in banks, implying the disappearance of financial markets, and questioning global currencies).
> Transition towards local currencies for trade degrowth is needed.
> Currencies and lending/borrowing should be physically-backed.
> Cooperative banks managed by communities/municipalities, cooperative banks’ environmental and social standards are set and regulated by the community leading to a social economy.

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One Comment on “Financial dimension”

  1. I am pleased to have found your site. The commonly accepted notion that economies must continually grow seems to me wrong-headed and unsustainable.
    At the moment I am writing as a proofreader. In the section “Hard Infrastructure” the following item is listed twice:

    > Make eco-cities for all, rather than for a gentrified minority. Build local social and ecological resilience in cities, use zoning to bring back nature in the city, and keep neighbourhoods compact.

    Also, that page does not have a Comment capability.
    Hope this reaches the person that can do updates.

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