New project MERGE: Measuring what matters

Exciting news! The new Horizon Europe project MERGE, “Measuring what matters”, has kicked off!

With 15 partners from across Europe, we came together in Brussels to launch the project.

The project’s goal is to create a unified set of indicators for measuring multidimensional well-being to help transcend GDP-centric progress measurement and to assist policymakers in laying the foundation for a sustainable economic paradigm.

Our role will be organizing different outreach events with both Catalan and Spanish policymakers to collectively envision sustainable economic policy paradigms, and to co-design beyond GDP policies and their pilot application.


Mariona Bonsfills has joined R&D as the project coordinator of MERGE and the Barcelona Action Circles. She is trained in Global Studies and Development Studies at the University of Oxford and at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She has research, work and activist experience in labour organisation in times of climate change, energy, liberation movements and the nexus between ecocide and politicide.