Job Opening

Community and Stakeholder Dialogue Coordinator, Research & Degrowth International (R&Di), Barcelona

Deadline: 10 December 2023
Position: Community and Stakeholder Dialogue Coordinator
Location: Barcelona
Start Date: 1 February 2024
Duration: Three-year contract
Salary and benefits: €24,000 per year, 4-day work week, full social security and healthcare benefits
Residence: Barcelona or vicinity (remote work arrangements not possible)


Job Description

We are seeking a talented individual to join us at Research & Degrowth International (R&Di) to lead the development of stakeholder events. The person should be passionate and knowledgeable on Degrowth ideologies and principles. This position includes: i) coordinating an EU support action project (‘MERGE’), transfering results of EU-funded research on post-growth/wellbeing to Catalan/Spanish policymakers; ii) organizing a series of international dialogues started by R&Di to bring together changemakers from selected professions or movements (‘the Barcelona Action Circles’). For a more detailed description of these two projects, see the end of this call.



Coordinating the MERGE project 

  • Project Management: Overseeing the planning, execution, and monitoring of R&Di’s project activities. Ensuring adherence to overall consortium timelines and budgets. Communicating with MERGE project leaders and the rest of the consortium. Participating in consortium calls and meetings. Keeping up-to-date the project information on R&Di’s Funding and Tenders European Commission portal. Preparing and submitting reports in accordance with the MERGE consortium agreement and Horizon 2020 regulations.
  • Organizing project events: Planning and executing a full-day workshop and three half-day seminars with Catalan and Spanish stakeholders (policymakers, data and policy networks, political parties, research community) on post-growth policies and indicators.
  • R&Di office collaboration: Collaboration with R&Di office members and cross-pollination with other relevant projects that R&Di is working on. Close collaboration with R&Di’s Director of Strategy & Local Relations for mapping and reaching out to local and regional stakeholders — the Financial Manager for financial matters, the Communications Officer for dissemination of events and messages, and with the Director of Operations for Quality Assurance. Collaborating with the local office of the Wellbeing Alliance which is a partner in the project.

Implementing the Barcelona Action Circles: 

  • Project Planning and Management: This will happen in close collaboration with a pre-existing office team and external collaboration partners currently coordinating the project. Further developing the project plan including timelines, milestones, and objectives. Coordinating and overseeing all project activities to ensure they align with the project’s goals. Continue identifying and reaching out to relevant stakeholders (participants of the Circles) from various sectors, focusing on financial, political, feminist and social movement leaders. Fostering and maintaining relationships with stakeholders to ensure their continued involvement and commitment to the project. Managing the project’s budget, including allocating resources, tracking expenses, and assisting the organizing team in securing funding. Preparing regular reports on the project’s status, outcomes, and challenges for stakeholders, funders, and the public. Developing and implementing a system to monitor and evaluate the project’s progress and impact in collaboration with R&Di’s office team. Making necessary adjustments to ensure the project’s success.
  • Support the Moderation of Circle Discussions: Working closely with facilitators for each Circle/sector/industry to ensure the smooth running of Circle discussions. Providing support and guidance to the rotating moderators within the participant group during discussions. Collaborating with renowned post-growth academics to ensure their active participation and contributions to Circle discussions. Assisting in the integration of academic insights into practical strategies and policy recommendations.
  • Final event Coordination: Planing and organizing the in-person meeting of all Circles in Barcelona, which serves as a culmination of the project. Ensuring that all logistics for the event are in place.


Qualifications and Experience:


  • Advanced degree (e.g., Ph.D. or Master’s) in environmental sciences or related field.
  • Language skills:
    • Proficiency in English
    • Oral fluency (B2-like level) in Spanish and/or Catalan.
    • Basic understanding of Catalan or, if not, willingness to undertake intensive courses.
  • Proven experience in degrowth/post-growth related research or activism, and up-to-date knowledge of the latest debates on degrowth/post-growth policy.
  • Prior experience with working for, and managing tasks and deliverables in EU-funded, or similar project(s).
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and facilitation skills, with proven capacity to engage with diverse stakeholders.


  • Previous work experience in a Horizon 2020 project.
  • Experience with facilitating group processes or co-designing workshops.
  • Familiarity with the local (Catalan/Spanish) political scene.
  • Prior work in an NGO or think-tank.
  • Experience in building dialogues between policymakers and the research community.


How to apply:

If you are interested in this position, please submit your short CV, the email addresses of two potential referees and a cover letter that describes how your skills and experience fit the position. Please address your application to Simona Getova, R&Di’s Director of Operations, with the subject line: “Community and Stakeholder Dialogue Coordinator Application”, and send it to by 10 December 2023 (Sunday), 23:59 CET.

Equal Opportunity Statement:

We are led by principles of intersectional feminism and decoloniality, and are committed to providing equal opportunities and eliminating discrimination in our selection process.

Data Privacy:

Your personal data will be handled in accordance with data protection regulations.


About R&Di:

Research & Degrowth International (R&Di) is a think-and-act tank based in Barcelona, serving as an international hub for degrowth and political ecologist scholar-activists for more than 16 years. We are a group of 6 employees and 25 volunteers who dream of societies becoming slower by design, not by disaster. R&Di promotes degrowth conversations at the international level and offers policy expertise to transition and manage economies without growth.

Learn more about R&Di:

About the two projects you will be working on:

  1. The “MERGE Project – Measuring what matters: Improving usability and accessibility of policy frameworks and indicators for multidimensional well-being through collaboration” is a consortium collaboration with 15 other entities under the EU Horizon 2020 call “HORIZON-CL2-2023-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-02 Towards sustainable economic policy paradigm”. The goal of this project is to transfer existing knowledge produced by EU-funded research on alternative progress/wellbeing indicators and policies to stakeholders in EU countries. R&Di will collaborate with the local branch of the Wellbeing Alliance on the implementation of the project in Catalonia and Spain. R&Di will develop a full-day co-creation workshop with 30 participants on alternative well-being indicators; 3 half-day seminars with representatives of political parties on new ideas coming out of post-growth research; and four half-day co-design workshops on policies ‘beyond GDP’.
  2. The Barcelona Action Circles is envisioned to become a global catalyst for post-growth transformations. The project brings together motivated stakeholders from various sectors who advocate for socio-environmental justice and seek transformational change in their respective sectors, movements or political contexts. R&Di holds separate intra-sectorial discussions (Circles) with the aim of building relationships among participants and joint plans for collective intervention in the ‘cracks’ of the current socio-political system. The goal of each Circle is to develop actionable policies, alliances and implementation strategies for a just transition towards a post-growth society. Each Circle will be facilitated by a separate facilitator, rotationally moderated from within the group of participants. They will feature interventions by renowned post-growth academics. Meetings of all the Circles will be held online, culminating with an in-person meeting of participants from all Circles in Barcelona.