9th Degrowth Summer School Policy Edition begins today

This week, we are holding the Degrowth Summer School 2023 in various locations across Catalunya. It is the 9th edition of R&D’s summer schools that have been organized since 2014 to bring together academics, students, practitioners, artists, activists and community organizers to collectively learn and debate about topics related to degrowth and environmental justice. 

In collaboration with the Green European Foundation and to launch of the Degrowth Brief series, this year’s summer school will focus on on the topic of Degrowth & Policy. We will discuss the topics of a Green New Deal without growth, a Universal Care Income, trade unions and degrowth, municipalities and degrowth as well as degrowth in fashion.

Follow along on our socials to see what the team is up to and check out the website summerschool.degrowth.org for more information.