Call for proposals for 2023 Degrowth Conference

Submit your proposals now for the 9th International Degrowth Conference, 29th August to 2nd September 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The conference is organised by a consortium of organisations and initiatives working on degrowth in Zagreb. It will take place in multiple venues in Zagreb, centred around Zagreb Fair pavillion space. The Conference opens in the afternoon of 29th August and ends in the afternoon of 2nd September, following 4 full working days.

A perspective on degrowth from the post-socialist semi-periphery of Croatia, with a turbulent transition to capitalism in hindsight, suggests that capitalist development can lead to de-development, depopulation and environmental degradation — making an alternative pathway into a just and sustainable future not only necessary but also politically desirable. Particularly, if viewed from the historical vantage point of the Non-Aligned Movement’s internationalism, worker self-management and collectively-managed welfare system that characterised pre-capitalist development in this part of the world, an altogether different green transition might be both imaginable and practicable.

The conference will accept academic and non-academic presentations. Please upload the title and abstract (250  words) of your presentation by 15th January 2023.All sessions will be blind peer-reviewed to evaluate their merit to participate in the conference. All submitters will be invited to participate in the peer-review by reviewing approx. 3 other submissions for every submission they make. Academic sessions will also be reviewed by Expert Reviewers, whose review will contribute 50% to the final evaluation.

More information and submission of proposals here.