A summary of 2021 …


The past year has been a difficult one for all of us. We, as R&D, spent a lot of time away from each other, isolated and lonely. But we came out of this pandemic stronger, more united, and with a lot of new ideas. We took time to work on our group cohesion and power dynamics, we welcomed new members and we defined new aims and visions for the future. 
Looking back we have a lot of things to be proud of for last year, and we share with you some of them: 

We teach Degrowth! 

We successfully completed the Third edition of the masters in “Political Ecology Degrowth and Environmental Justice ” running fully, in hybrid online and presential format with 32 enrolled students and 2 full scholarships for scholar-activists from the Global South.  
We also have the Official inauguration of the Fourth Edition of the master in “Political Ecology Degrowth and Environmental Justice” with 31 enrolled students and one full scholarship for scholar-activists from the global south.
We also lunch an online master in “Degrowth: Ecology, Economics and Policy” and the registrations are now open. This is the first master focused on Degrowth and we have some amazing lecturers confirmed. 
After a year of absence, the Degrowth Summer School was back in 2021 with the 8th Edition

We talk Degrowth! 

Limits, Degrowth, and Environmental Justice by Giorgos Kallis
Smith Khanna, P. (2021) “The Sustainable Masculinity Podcast”. Series of podcasts exploring Sustainable Masculinities and Degrowth, as part of the Junior Research Fellowship in Feminisms and Degrowth at the Institute for Political Ecology, Zagreb.     
Introduction to Degrowth with Susan Paulson, Marula Tsagkari and Corinna Dengler 
Presentation on “Degrowth as an alternative to the current violent economic system” by Sara Fromm at the annual meeting of the “Werkstatt für Gewaltfreie Aktion” (organisation for nonviolent action) (in German)

We research Degrowth!

“Scientists’ warning against the society of waste” An article by Isabel Marín-Beltrán, Federico Demaria, Claudia Ofeli, Luis M. Serra,  Antonio Turiel, William J. Ripple, Sharif A. Mukul, and Maria Clara Costa about how industrial societies are  wasteful, and propose degrowth for a transition to a wasteless society. Open access
“Interest-bearing loans and unpayable debts in slow-growing economies: Insights from ten historical cases” by Tilman Harley and Giorgos Kallis  – explained here: https://twitter.com/g_kallis/status/1413483279802642432
A discourse analysis of yellow-vest resistance against carbon taxes” by Mehleb, Kallis, and Zografos- explained here: https://twitter.com/g_kallis/status/1445459749051396099
“Limits, ecomodernism, and degrowth” by Giorgos Kallis
“Exploring democracy, self-sufficiency, and renewable energy production in Greece and Spain” by Tsagkari, M., J Roca, G Kallis. Energy Research & Social Science
” Urgent need for post-growth climate mitigation scenarios” by Jason Hickel,  Paul Brockway, Giorgos Kallis, Lorenz Keyßer, Manfred Lenzen, Aljoša Slameršak,  Julia Steinberger & Diana Ürge-Vorsatz
“Sustainable Masculinities and Degrowth: Pathways to Feminist Post-Growth Societies” by Pierre Smith Khanna, Institute for Political Ecology, Zagreb [to be published online on 15th December]

We go public about Degrowth!

And In many languages…
Kallis, G. 2021 ¿Barcelona en decadencia? https://www.eldiario.es/ultima-llamada/barcelona-decadencia_132_8514632.html
Grebenjak, M., 2021. Wirtschaftswachstum ist größter Treiber von Klimazerstörung https://www.derstandard.at/story/2000125546562/wirtschaftswachstum-ist-absolut-klimaschaedlich, Der Standard
Grebenjak, M., 2021. Entlarvende Polemik des Mr. Mainstream https://www.wienerzeitung.at/meinung/gastkommentare/2100383-Entlarvende-Polemik-des-Mr.-Mainstream.html, Wiener Zeitung 
Fromm, S., 2021 Degrowth als Vision einer gewaltfreien und sozial-ökologischen Zukunft https://www.friedenskooperative.de/friedensforum/artikel/degrowth-als-vision-einer-gewaltfreien-und Friedensforum
Zografos, C. 2021. La crisis climática es una crisis desigual y sistémica. ¿Y sus soluciones? Pasos a la Izquierda 22, 5 Jun. 2021

We make videos and write fictions! 

Giorgos Kallis ‘Yes to Limits to Growth!”
Marula Tsagkari  ASLE QUICK FICTIONS  https://open.spotify.com/episode/2I5mpfnNuh6AksY4tatMMb 


And we’re making an impact because of you! 

We would also like to thank all of you for supporting R&D and showing interest in our work, on and off social media.
Last year we had more than 20k clicks on our website, we host more than 15k followers on Twitter and had our first donors! 
So …


The R&D Team

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