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Short Bio

Aaron holds an MSc in Natural Resource Sciences from McGill University (2015) and a BA in Philosophy with a Minor in Environment from McGill University (2012). Broadly, his research focuses on cities, food, and environmental justice. His MSc thesis focused on food banks as a cost-shifting strategy of the food industry, drawing on the work of economists such as K. William Kapp and Joan Martinez-Alier. He is a PhD candidate at the University of London, Birkbeck, co-supervised by Isabelle Anguelovski at ICTA-UAB. He is investigating the effect of gentrification on food access of marginalized communities, and how people may use food to resist or challenge development narratives. As such, his PhD research draws on the fields of urban geography, comparative urbanism, political ecology, ecological economics, and food studies. Other interests include degrowth policy, social ecology, political theory, science fiction, and environmental thought. Aaron is a co-editor at Uneven Earth, an environmental politics website, and his work has been published in several online media.

Selected publications

  • Vansintjan, A. Nguyen H. V., Nguyen T. T., Le Q. C. “Adaptation strategies used by low-income residents affected by land use changes in Hanoi, Vietnam.” Conference paper. Presented at the 2017 ASEAN Sustainable Urbanization Congress. Download pdf here.
  • Kallis, G. In defense of degrowth. Ed. by Aaron Vansintjan. https://indefenseofdegrowth.com/

Selected media articles


  1. Mr Vansintjan,

    My name is Anna Papadionisiou.I am a High School teacher of Classic Greek and Latin Language [ specialized in Linguistics ].
    I want to thank you for your so insightful work dedicated to such interesting and core issues for our everyday lives.

    I met Bruce Wilson in a Social Ecology Conference here, in Greece.From then on we are in touch and exchanged conversation for almost three years.
    Though I wish to read more of your work,regret me please for at the moment I have only listened to your speech ,carefully though , regarding Food Waste and Food in the Cities.

    All I have to add is that there are two books your speech reminded me of.

    The one is titled ”The culture and the cities ” by Lewis Mumford /
    ————————————————————————–you might find a pdf online free so you might have a glance of a hurry , since your schedule must be hectic.


    Or I hopefully wish to add , Deborah’ s Stevenson work. [ Architect, specialized in The Architectural Sociology / in between the urban environment and much more even.
    Thanks again,

    Kind Regards,
    Anna Papadionisiou

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