Research & Degrowth, (R&D) is an academic association dedicated to research, awareness raising, and events organization around the topic of degrowth. R&D defines degrowth as a multi-level voluntary path towards reduction of production and consumption aiming at ecological sustainability, good life, liberty, and social justice. For R&D, degrowth is grounded in ecology, ecological economics, anthropology, psychology, and social sciences in general. In the degrowth process, R&D is concerned with democracy, international cooperation, and understanding as opposed to societal closure, fragmentation and authoritarianism.

R&D strives to bring scientists, civil society, practitioners, and activists together to think, imagine, discuss, and create proposals for sustainable degrowth. R&D supports and aims to maintain a diversity of degrowth strategies for achieving social equity and ecological sustainability, including:

*grass-roots action and institutional interventions;

*academic and practical work;

*building of alternatives and opposition to environmentally and socially destructive projects and policies;

*local and international level work.


At present R&D conducts the majority of its local activities in Spain and France, while organizing and co-organizing international events in various parts of Europe and beyond. R&D has presently about fifteen active members based in Barcelona and France. It has created an informal network with members in more than 40 countries.


Currently its main activities are concentrated in:

*The organization of international and local conferences on degrowth (see, and degrowthconference ), planning of future ones and as well as special sessions on degrowth within various academic conferences.

*Organization of regular readings.

*Preparation of scientific articles and special issues (see Journal of Cleaner Production, Ecological Economics)

*Assembling and spreading a bi-monthly newsletter with information on upcoming academic and other degrowth related events, articles and books; contributing to De-magazine.

*Co-ordination and further development of degrowth political, policy and research proposals .

*Providing analysis and perspectives on current events and news from a degrowth perspective.

*Promoting the international networking of researchers, practitioners and activists around degrowth.

*Dissemination of the ideas of degrowth through general public articles, interviews and participation or co-organization of conferences, festivals and events in general.


  1. Thank you for your message.

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    At the Women’s March in Friday Harbor, Washingon, Mike Cohen, Ph.D. sang protest songs and talked about the unique contribution of his new book, With Justice for All: The Investigation of a 54-Sense Organic Technology of Behavior.

    Cohen, Director of Project NatureConnect, recalled that in 1948 he gave speeches and sang songs as part of protests that supported the causes of the United World Federalists and Progressives. “I did that then,” he said, “Because their platforms called for equality, unity, peace, justice and conservation. Sadly, now it’s 70 years later and protests still have to fight for these values.

    “Too many of us suffer,” Cohen says, “ While our efforts make too slow headway. This is simply because the unifying GreenWave-54 essence of protests and movements, although available, continues to be missing from them.”

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    GreenWave-54 enables us to grok the essence of love because it is it. Grok means to be attracted to exquisitely understand and empathize with something or someone to the point that the object or person becomes part of our sense of self so we exist in its embodiment.

    Project NatureConnect guarantees that GreenWave-54 consists of our inherent 54 natural senses grokking the web-of-life in natural areas and this awareness connects our story thinking with the truth of Nature’s wisdom. In addition, he warranties that scientifically the essence of love is natural attraction. It is the quantum of Albert Einstein’s unified field building each moment’s time and space. Our 54 senses can register the love of life because they are it. It is obvious that thinking and relating with our 54 senses/sensibilities is 85 percent more intelligent than with just five.

    In jest, Cohen promises to share with readers his “for sure Nobel Peace Prize” for discovering Nature’s critical but missing love glue, GreenWave-54, that our stories must use to unify us with ourselves, each other and Planet Earth. He says, “In any natural area, backyard, back country or the sky, GreenWave-54 helps us 54-sense grok Nature’s unifying attraction-energy of the eons that our senses register as love in 54 different ways.”

    Cohen notes, “Nature loved us into being. It gave us 54 ways to integrate, think and feel with this love whenever we are in conscious sensory contact with genuine Nature.”

    GreenWave-54 is free and available everywhere. When we don’t experience and apply its organic gluing powers we only give lip service to unifying our lives while, to our loss and cost, the whole of the web-of-life, including us, is increasingly falling apart. We suffer this runaway dilemma because the violators who withhold GreenWave-54 information from us instead teach us that the life of our planet organism does not exist, that we only have five senses and it is OK that we almost exclusively think and feel while disconnected from authentic Nature.

    For the above reason, in comparison to 1972 the world is now 45 percent in natural-resource deficit and misery each year and counting. Half the species alive in 1972 have been eradicated while mental illness has increased 50 percent closely followed by most other disorders. This trend is pervasive; look around, the world is falling apart.

    Cohen’s scenario is that Industrial Society has emotionally attached us to drive a new, advanced technology automobile. As, not fully trained, we speed this 2-ton steel missile down the highway we see in that it leads directly into a group of people having a picnic in a beautiful park yet all we can do is hope or pray that the car will stop as we scream “whoa”. This behavior is unscientific and obsolete. It does not stop the vehicle and it wreaks havoc. We desperately need to learn and use the contemporary technology of behavior brake that stops the car.

    This disaster occurs because Industrial Society fails to teach us that it has also invented brakes for the car and how to use them. For example, today, most scientists agree that Industrial Society is producing climate change and ocean deterioration yet these same scientists don’t know how or why we continue to do this or how to stop. Sadly, this shortcoming is typical of most of our leaders and relationships. It is what makes us produce our runaway personal, social and environmental problems. We don’t learn that GreenWave-54 is an organic technology of behavior brake, how to use it and how to integrate it into our relationships.

    The Organic Psychology of GreenWave-54 is the art and science of preventing our indoctrinated thinking and emotional attachments from creating our personal and global problems. It unifies because it engages us in the same self-correcting attraction process that the life of Earth uses to increase its strength, balance and beauty through greater diversity while not producing garbage.

    The sworn testimony in With Justice for All adds the Zen of GreenWave-54’s essence to our relationships and livelihood. It helps us multi-sensory grok natural areas so our life continually increases the well-being of people, places and things.

    The expert witnesses in this paperback and e-book show us how to create moments in natural areas that let Earth’s love of life teach us how to remedy today’s corruption and madness. If you have had similar good experience in Nature you are eligible to become a subsidized GreenWave practitioner.

    This release is also available at where you can link to its publication in the Journal of Organic Psychology.

    CONTACT: Mike Cohen 360-378-6313

    BOOK: Nonfiction/Green

  2. I am a PhD student perusing my studies about Linking governance to livelihoods and PA conservation.I am currently attending courses at NMBU were i had a lecture on Degrowth in my Political Ecology class i find the concept interesting and would glad to be part of this community of practice.

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