Viviana Asara

Short bio

Viviana Asara is a PhD candidate at ICTA-UAB and is currently undertaking research on degrowth and democracy. She holds an MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge, a master’s degree in Political Science (International Relations) from the Università di Bologna and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. For her MPhil dissertation she has been working for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment, doing research on birds diversity, while she studied the effect of Foreign Direct Investment on development in Brazil for her Italian master. She is currently working with J. Martinez-Alier, G. Kallis and F. Schneider for the European project RESPONDER, focused on the contradictions between economic growth and sustainable consumption. Before starting her PhD she gained some work experience at the UNIDO in Tunisia, at the Italian Mission to the I.O. in Vienna, and got two scholarships for studying at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of California, San Diego.

Research interests: degrowth, democracy, political ecology, political philosophy, ecological economics, environmental governance, globalization

Selected publications:
Asara, V., Profumi, E. and Kallis G., “Degrowth, democracy and autonomy” (in press)
Bateman, I. et al. (2011), Economic values from ecosystems. In: The UK National Ecosystem Assessment Technical Report. UK National Ecosystem Assessment, UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge.