Spring term

SPRING TERM (May-June or September) – FINAL PROJECT (15 ECTS)

By February 2019 we will offer a number of master projects on degrowth and environmental justice in which we are interested, including work in the EJ Atlas. Students might also come up with their own proposals. Projects will be worked in groups of three and consist of one of the following (in brackets the name of the person(s) from the core faculty responsible for this type of projects):

  • Consultancy: a consultancy report with a policy brief on a specific environmental or social problem (Kallis, Cattaneo)

  • Research: a research paper using one of the methodologies of module 1 (Gamboa, Kallis)

  • Investigative newspaper article + blog (Demaria) (students familiar and trained in film making can choose to do a documentary instead)

  • A degrowth or EJ-related campaign (Sekulova, Conde)

  • Collection of data and analysis for the EJ Atlas (DelBene)

  • A plan for setting up a social and solidarity economy enterprise. (D’Alisa, Cattaneo)