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Sofia is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist working on the political ecology of energy and climate change. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences (ICTA-UAB), an MSc in Sustainability and Ecological Economics (ICTA-UAB), and a Bachelor’s in International Relations (UNAM). Her doctoral research placed the expansion of renewable energies and related conflicts as a key question for environmental justice, arguing for a democratic downscale of the global energy metabolism and a redistributive approach in national energy transitions.

Her work focuses in bringing the specificities of the Global South into debates around environmental justice and degrowth. In this light, she seeks to open spaces for de-colonial conversations between the social movements and post-development theories in the Global South, with the growing Degrowth movement in the Global North.  She co-coordinated the edition in Mexico of the Degrowth Vocabulary (edited by Giacomo Dalisa, Federico Demaria, and Giorgos Kallis), with a special section on Latinamerican Perspectives, organizing different roundtables between academics and practitioners of the Americas and Europe. She is currently an Associate Researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and member of the Environmental Justice Research Group (ICTA-UAB).


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Academic publications:

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Dissemination and media:

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