Simona Getova

Simona Getova is an ecofeminist climate and social justice organiser, facilitator, and educator. Her work and research interests lie in the intersections of feminist political education and community-led models of social and environmental justice for equitable, anti-colonial, degrowth futures. Simona is the co-founder of Kolektiv Z and The Climate Herald and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Political and Social Sciences at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, in the area of feminist political ecology. Her research focuses on the contribution of intersectional praxis to socio-ecological transformation projects, such as the organizing around grassroots Green New Deals. She advocates for collective emancipation and prosperity through the dismantling of systems of oppression and extraction and the prefiguring of just, joyful, climate-safe futures.


Twitter: @SimonaGetova

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Selected publications: 

Getova, S. (2022, March 31). Инвазијата на Путин, енергетската (не)сигурност и (не)правда, климатската криза и решенијата [Putin’s invasion, energy (in)security and injustice, the climate crisis and the solutions]. Center for Legal Research and Analysis.

Getova, S. (2021, December 27). Признавање на екоцидот – поставување на законска должност за грижа за животот на земјата [Recognizing ecocide – setting up a legal obligation to care for life on Earth]. Center for Legal Research and Analysis.

Getova, S. (2021, July). Климатската криза е ризик на иднината, но и на сегашноста [The Climate Crisis is a threat both to the present and the future]. Lice v Lice, Issue 46.

Getova, S. (2021, March 31). Како до ефикасна и ефективна еколошка правда? – чекор поблиску до патоказот за иднината [How to achieve efficient and effective ecological justice? – a step closer on the pathway to the future]. Center for Legal Research and Analysis.

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Getova, S. (2020, September). Алатки и практики за следење и влијаење на климатските политики на локално, национално и меѓународно ниво [Toolkit on methods and practices for following and influencing climate related policies on a local, national and international level]. [Toolkit].

Getova, S. (2018). From resistance to revolution – the anti-mining struggle of the Macedonian southeast. Consented Issue 6: Resistance [in print]. Online access:

Getova, S. (2018, March 7). Macedonia’s Grassroots Resistance to Mining: A Struggle for the South-Eastern Region’s Survival. Lefteast.

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Getova, S. (2013). Measuring the perceptions of sustainable development among young entrepreneurs aged 18–28.