Corinna Burkhart

July 18, 2015 0

Correspondent member Contact her at: Short bio: Corinna is a human ecologist and works with the Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonmie in Leipzig, Germany since 2014. Curretly […]

Salvador Pueyo

July 17, 2015 0

Contact him at: Short bio Salvador Pueyo is a scientist and an activist. He has been an activist since he joined the radical green movement […]

Daniela Del Bene

July 13, 2015 0

Contact at : Short Bio: I hold a Master degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Turin (Italy) and a BA in International Relations […]

Yes, We Can Prosper Without Growth

May 15, 2015 0

Degrowth: 10 Policy Proposals for the New Left Giorgos Kallis and Research & Degrowth @g_kallis and @R_Degrowth This article originally appeared in (Spanish) and […]

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