Material needs

Availability of good quality materials, recycled materials or products to be reused can neutralize the need for increasing extraction of natural resources and exploitation of people.

Some of the possible degrowth proposals in this field, developed at the Second International Conference on Degrowth (Barcelona 2010) are illustrated below:

Private property
> Some limits to private property are needed (including natural resources and societal goods). This implies democratic management of natural resources and further discussion on the options and alternatives to private property and its regulation.
> As it is the case for materials, some limit to the consumption of space per person is needed.
> What remains in context of private property should be researched/democratically defined.
> Design jurisdictions according to each global common and recognize communal property rights under national law limiting overuse and unfair ownership of natural resources.
> Share our knowledge in copyleft degrowth journal/platforms.

> We need more sharing of goods and infrastructure so that the aggregate amount of goods and resources used decreases.
> General instruments to stimulate the reduction of goods under-utilized are needed. This might include acknowledging squatter’s rights.
> Strong positive demonstrations of sharing need to be put forwards.
> Reform laws which prohibit sharing (such as copyright).

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