Q: It looks great, but it costs 3,960€ and it is a one-year degree, from October to June (240h of teaching lessons + the final project). Do you think the price is coherent with the values of degrowth and political ecology?

A: Legitimate question. We have debated it a lot. In due time, we will provide all the details and explanations. Basically, there are two factors. First, this is the minimum fee that UAB allows for this type of master. Second, this master is not subsidized by the university or any other bodies. Therefore, it is a self-funded master. The fees go to pay an overhead to the university, a coordinator and the teachers. Up to now we have worked on it voluntarily, but once it starts running, we would like to remunerate work as fairly as possible. For the moment, it is the best configuration we managed to come out with. We would like to improve it, for example by offering scholarships. If you have any ideas, please do let us know.

Q: When are the deadlines for either pre-registration or formal registration?

A: Pre-registration deadline is June 1st, 2018. The deadline for registration will be announced soon.

Q: I’m concerned about the timeline. I live in Los Angeles, where I did my undergrad. I’ve been accepted to a number of schools in the US and Europe. For several of the accepted schools, I need to send my intent by early April. I assume this would be before you’d have any responses back for applications on this new program. Do you think it would be possible to apply and hear back within the next couple weeks?

A: First, we have to get an academic approval by our own University, which should be done within a month, and in all likelihood will be positive. But after that we need to secure a minimum of 15 students to run the masters – with less students it will not work. We do not know what to expect – it’s the first year, we see a lot of interest, but the masters is not leading to a PhD, so this might reduce demand. It could be that by June we already have 15 candidates registered, and we know we are going to run the masters. Or it could be that we have to wait until September, and then find that only 8 people are interested and we have to cancel.

So, our proposal would be apply for the other masters alongside ours, and wait until the last moment to decide on which one you go.

Q: I wonder whether I can balance my job and the Master?

A: It is planned to have 10-15 hours a week in lectures. In principle, there will be one 2.5 hours-lecture per day, four days a week (from Monday to Thursday). Timetable can change some weeks, but those weeks will be the exception.

Q: I would like to ask if there are any funding options for students (coming from the South)

A: Currently, there is no funding options for any student. The master is fully funded with the students’ fee.
We would like to offer funding options for people not able to afford the master, but this won’t be the case for this year.