Marta Conde

Short Bio

Marta Conde is a researcher at the Public Policy Center Universitat Pompeu Fabra – John Hopkins University and is the President of Research and Degrowth. She holds PhD from the Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) where is currently coordinating and teaching the Political Ecology Module of the Political Ecology (with specialisation on Environmental Justice and Degrowth) MasterHer research looks at social reactions to the expansion of extractive industries at the commodity frontiers exploring for example why some communities react while others do not. She has also explored the interaction between science and activism and knowledge co-production processes in environmental justice (EJ) struggles. She links her research and activist work with the degrowth movement, relating all these EJ struggles with the need to end the imperative of endless economic growth.

Selected publications:

Peer-reviewed journal articles

–       Conde, M. and Le Billon, P., 2017. Why do some communities resist mining projects while others do not?. The Extractive Industries and Society.

–       Conde, M. 2016. Resistance to mining. A Review. Ecological Economics, 132: 80-90.

–       Conde, M. 2015. From activism to science and from science to activism in environmental-health justice conflicts. JCOM: Journal of Science Communication14(2).

–       Conde, M. 2014. Activism mobilising science. Ecological Economics105, 67-77.

–       Conde, M., Kallis, G., 2012. The uranium rush and its Africa Frontier. Effects, reactions and social resistance. Global Environmental Change 22(3): 596-610

–       Martinez-Alier, J., H. Healy, L. Temper, M. Walter, B. Rodriguez-Labajos, JF. Gerber, and M. Conde. 2011.  Between science and activism: Learning and teaching ecological economics with environmental justice organizations. Local Environment 16 (1): 17-36.

Book Chapters

–       Conde, M., Walter, M., 2014. Commodity Frontiers. In D’Alisa, G., Demaria, F., & Kallis, G. (Eds.)., 2014. Degrowth: A vocabulary for a new era. Routledge.


Divulgation articles

–       “Los impactos de la minería a través del EJatlas” en el Quadern ‘La febre dels minerals’. Justicia i Pau, 2017

–       “Extractivismo, decrecimiento y otras formas de pensar el mundo” en Aves del Fenix, 2017