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The Italian Rete per la decrescita (Network for Degrowth; was founded in 2004 by a group of activists and intellectuals. They come from experiences of solidarity economy, criticism to development, anti-utilitarianism and bio-economics. Leading characters are bio-economist Mauro Bonaiuti, the ex-advertiser and activist Dalma Domeneghini and the sociologist Marco Deriu. The group engages into both research and dissemination. Their main concern is a collective reflection on the complexity of socio-cultural dynamics and the linkages with the current system of production and consumption. Seminars, conferences and a summer school are organized regularly, while several books and a review called La Decrescita are published. A part from the Rete per la decrescita presented beforehand, the Movimento per la Decrescita Felice (Movement for happy degrowth), lead by Maurizio Pallante, has also been very active especially in promoting good practices (like do it your-self). If the former holds a more complex discourse, the later has gained more popularity due to a more accessible (some times simplified) discourse. A wide variety of groups joined the debate, from progressive catholics to marxists. Many other collectives exist, including some with explicit intentions of entering into parliamentary politics (such as the recent Costituente ecologista and Uniti, ma diversi) or the more innovative proposal of Rigenerazioni for a non-electoral political formation.

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