Institutions and socio-economic organisation

A key aspect to take into account is the set of rules and institutions that regulate and enable production and consumption. This dimension includes all the rules which regulate environmental and social standards. It also includes the general social-economic organisation such as the size and scale of companies, the type of their organisational structure, the working conditions, the ownership of the production units, etc.
This dimension includes the consideration of social rules regarding, for example, respecting common space and property, establishing car-free places, and nuclear-free or GMO-free regions. The possibility for the creation of small cooperatives is also part of this dimension.

Some of the possible degrowth proposals in this field, developed at the Second International Conference on Degrowth (Barcelona 2010) are illustrated below:
> Production units/Companies size is limited for maintaining the rationality of satisfaction of local needs.
> Profit dividends and profits of distant shareholders that do not take part in the activity are abolished.
> At the level of social and economic enterprises decisions are taken by the people working in them, rather than investors.

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