Fulvia Ferri

November 30, 2017 Robert Orzanna 3

Fulvia Ferri holds a MSc in Cultural Anthropology: Socio-Cultural Transformations (Utrecht University, 2012). She has been part of Research and Degrowth since 2014, in particular […]

Angelos Varvarousis

September 5, 2017 Robert Orzanna 0

Contact: aggelosvar@gmail.com Short Bio Angelos Varvarousis is an urban planner and researcher currently working at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Autonomous […]

Brototi Roy

September 5, 2017 Robert Orzanna 2

Contact: brototi.econ@gmail.com Short Bio Brototi Roy completed her postgraduate studies from TERI University, New Delhi, India and bachelors from University of Calcutta, India in Economics. […]

Aaron Vansintjan

September 4, 2017 Robert Orzanna 3

Contact: avansintjan@gmail.com Short Bio Aaron holds an MSc in Natural Resource Sciences from McGill University (2015) and a BA in Philosophy with a Minor in […]

Sam Bliss

September 4, 2017 Robert Orzanna 0

Contact: samcbliss@gmail.com Short Bio Sam is a PhD student in natural resources at the University of Vermont, part of the Economics for the Anthropocene initiative. […]

Julien-François Gerber

July 26, 2015 asdx 3

Short bio: Julien-François Gerber is currently Assistant Professor at the Royal University of Bhutan in Kanglung. Prior to that, he was Assistant Professor at TERI University […]

Salvador Pueyo

July 17, 2015 asdx 2

Contact him at: spueyo-at-riseup.net (Note: the previous e-mail address, at ub.edu, expired in spring 2016). Short bio Salvador Pueyo is a scientist and an activist. He […]

Daniela Del Bene

July 13, 2015 asdx 0

Contact at : d.delbene-at-gmail.com Short Bio: I hold a Master degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Turin (Italy) and a BA in International Relations […]

François Schneider

November 28, 2011 asdx 3

Operational Member Contact by mail Short Bio François Schneider is an industrial ecologist and degrowth researcher. He worked on the development of Life Cycle Assessment […]

Filka Sekulova

November 28, 2011 asdx 6

Operational Member Contact by mail Short Bio Filka Sekulova is based at ICTA, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She holds a doctoral degree in ecological economics with […]