Research & Degrowth is a partner of the Beyond Growth Conference

The Beyond Growth 2023 Conference is coming up. On 15-17 May 2023, degrowth and post-growth scholars, civil society organisations as well as national and international policy makers will discuss pathways towards a new economy and co-create policies for sustainable prosperity. The conference is an initiative of 20 members of the European Parliament and will take part in the Parliament in Brussels.

It is not just another conference. It is a one time opportunity to explore new ways of thinking about economic and social progress, at the very heart of EU institutions, with EU top-level decision-makers engaging with degrowth and post-growth experts.

Research & Degrowth is a partner of the conference. R&D member Jason Hickel will speak in the opening plenary on “Limits to Growth” to discuss the questions where do we stand and where do we go from there with top-level policy makers such as Ursula von der Leyen and Philippe Lamberts. The plenary will take place 15 May, 9-10:30am.

R&D member Giorgos Kallis will be one of the speakers in the plenary on “Changing the goal: from GDP growth to social prosperity”. The purpose of this plenary session is to propose a redefinition of prosperity beyond the mere criticism of GDP growth. The plenary will take place 15 May, 5-6:30pm.

Giacomo D’Alisa will represent R&D in a focus panel on “Universal Basic Services”, 15 May, 11am-1pm. R&D member Brototi Roy will speak in a focus panel on “Just Transitions”, 17 May, 11am-1pm.

Moreover, R&D will organise the first focus panel “Which Prosperous Future? Confronting Narratives of Growth”, 15 May, 11am-1pm. The panel will discuss the major narratives of growth, that have promised trickle down effects, peace and wellbeing, while our socio-environmental crises have only intensified. The old story is waiting to be replaced by a new one. Representatives from degrowth, post-growth and green growth will offer their perspectives on new potential narratives, helping to guide our societies towards an ecologically sustainable future where everybody can live a good life.

You can register for the conference here for free. Participating remotely will also be possible.