First crowdfunding campaign launched

We have just launched our crowdfunding campaign to fund R&D’s first Degrowth Briefs. You can find the campaign on Goteo.

R&D envisions Degrowth Briefs as concrete and radical policy proposals backed by science-based academic research addressed towards a wide audience of policymakers, NGOs, social and environmental movements, and more. The overall goal of this project is to publish six issues of degrowth policy briefs to address issues such as the following:

  • Degrowing resource-intensive sectors of the economy, such as the automobile, sports (FIFA?) or the fashion industry, in a socially just way.
  • Rethinking broad agendas , such as the European Green Deal, the European Growth and Stability pact, or EU innovation policy, from a degrowth perspective.
  • Building alliances between the degrowth movement and other movements such as trade unions, agroecological movements, environmental or social justice movements.
  • Proposing implementation plans for specific degrowth policies, such as a Universal Care Income or Universal Basic Services.

Check out the campaign and help us to lift it from the ground with your donation !

Funding includes paying authors and editors, a special coach/editor specialized in policy briefs, preparing a dedicated website and printing a sample of the Degrowth Briefs, as well as having a dedicated part-time officer at R&D coordinating the project. Your meaningful contribution will help us reach our goal of raising €16,000 for this campaign.