Online master´s on ‘Degrowth: Ecology, Economics and Policy’


We are very happy to announce the launch of a new ONLINE Masters on ‘Degrowth: Ecology, Economics, and Policy’.

This is the first international master dedicated fully on research and policy for degrowth! Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of the theory of degrowth, and also delve deeper into current issues and debates, receiving training from the top academics in the field internationally. Particular attention is given to linking degrowth to questions of social and environmental justice, and building bridges to the pluriverse of ideas, which alongside degrowth, challenge extractivism and growth-based development around the world.

The course is ideal for those who want to learn more about degrowth, either after their bachelor’s degree, or after they got a master’s degree on a different topic or even started a PhD, and want to give a degrowth direction to their research and work. We welcome professionals from all walks of life who want to study degrowth and learn more about it! This masters is explicitly research-focused and oriented towards policy-making in the Global North.

Check out all the info:

Admissions open July 1st!

One Comment on “Online master´s on ‘Degrowth: Ecology, Economics and Policy’”

  1. Currently finishing the first year of a two-year Masters in Environmental Change and Management at the University of Oxford, I am quite keen on centering my research around de-growth (currently working on the role of the Commons in the UK’s net-zero land policies). I was introduced to de-growth scholarship by Erik Gomez-Baggethun, who teaches in my department.

    I will not be able to apply for next year but would be keen to get involved in your research group in any way I can.

    Best regards,

    Wallerand Bazin

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