“Caring Communities for Radical Change” 8th Int Degrowth Conference (24 – 28 August 2021; The Hague, Netherlands).

Degrowth is a movement and a research field that explores these fundamental questions and proposes solutions confronting the roots of today’s crises.

How do we confront the contradictions between (the pursuit of) endless economic growth and the ecological boundaries of our planet?

What kind of society would ensure a good life for all, without wealth and power being hoarded by the few?

How can we enable a just transition that halts over-extraction, over-production and over-consumption?

With our overall theme, “Caring Communities for Radical Change”, we highlight that care – through solidarity and justice – is central to degrowth as a collective project promoting sustainable, decolonial, feminist and post-capitalist modes of flourishing.

If you are interested in participating in any aspect of this project – be it from an activist, artistic, academic, practitioner or another perspective – we warmly invite you to submit your proposal(s)! The event will cover a range of topics, but you are very welcome to engage with one (or more) of our eight thematic streams. You can either submit your own work, and we can match it with related contributions in a session; or you can propose to host a session you are willing to (co-)organise.
Deadline for submissions 15 March
Find here the call for submissions and all details about the conference: https://www.degrowth.nl/

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  1. I am very happy with your objectives & hope that your efforts will result in desired outcome. How can I participate in the Conference?

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