Degrowth Talks #Unmuted: a webinar series discussing movements, solidarity and alliances

The organizing team of the Degrowth Summer School Barcelona and Research & Degrowth are excited to present our “Degrowth Talks – Unmuted” webinar series, as a continuation of the “Degrowth Talks – NoBackToNormal” series organized by the UK Degrowth Summer School. In this series, we aim at bringing degrowth in conversation with other transformative movements and practices to jointly reflect upon current struggles and strategies. Now more than ever we need to think about ways of building alliances for a more environmentally and socially just future!

Webinars will be available to follow live-streamed or afterward on the new Youtube channel of Research & Degrowth. Everyone is more than welcome to join the live-talks, we do not require any payment and registration.

In Talk 1, “Global Protest – Another World Is Still Possible” on the 9th of July (18.00 CEST) our invited speakers are Donatella della Porta, Gabriela Cabaña, Hala al-Karib and Sara Fromm. This panel will discuss recent mobilizations for democracy and socio-ecological justice, their strategies, ideas and challenges. Presented perspectives include the climate justice and degrowth movements in Europe, the anticapitalist and feminist mobilization in Chile, the Arab Spring and women’s uprising in Sudan, and a reflection on social movements in times of the pandemic. What are the possible pathways towards building new alliances?


Talk 2 on July 16th will be about “Community Organizing for Solidarity”.

Talk 3 on July 23rd will be about “Climate and Intersectionality”.

More info to follow soon!

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