International degrowth conferences: Vienna (2020) + Manchester and The Hague (2021)

In the light of the ongoing health and economic crisis, the 7th International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity is not going to take place as announced and originally conceived. The rhythm of the international degrowth gatherings and discussions adapts to the present circumstances.

For 2020, we invite online attendance to three degrowth-related events:

– The International Conference “Degrowh Vienna 2020 – Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation” (May 29 – June 1; See here). You can register for free here.
Speakers include Susan Paulson, Juliet Schor and Miriam Lang. There will be 100 academic, activist, and artistic sessions and workshops.

– The Degrowth Scummer Schools in the UK and Barcelona are postponed, but you can attend the Degrowth talks (29 Abril – 27 May).

– A symposium specifically focused on the implications of Covid19 for ecological economics and degrowth, at the time of the formerly announced 7th conference in Manchester (September 2020; See here).

For 2021, compatibly with the constantly changing travel regulations, we encourage you to consider either physical or remote participation in:

– a Joint International Conference with Ecological Economics, originally announced as the 7th Degrowth / 16th ISEE International Society for Ecological Economics Conference, with a clear thematic focus on ecological economics (Manchester, July 2021; see here); and

– the 8th International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity, hosted by a range of diverse degrowth actors from the Netherlands, with a broad thematic focus aiming to expand the frontiers of degrowth research and activism (The Hague, 24-28 August 2021; See here).

After the first edition in Christiania, Copenhagen, in 2018 prior to the Malmö 6th conference, we will support the organisation of the second Pre-conference International Meeting of the Degrowth Movement in The Hague immediately before the 8th International Degrowth Conference.

The Support Group understands that, in changing global scenarios, our conferences might change from what we have been used to so far. Your proposals and suggestions are welcome.

We won’t get back to normal because normal was the problem. Keep up the fight!

The Support Group of the International Conferences on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability & Social Equity

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