Call for new activists in the degrowth movement!

Dear degrowthers,

A few weeks ago, we had a meeting of international degrowth activists in Torino to plan and organize activities for next year. Besides promoting the Global Degrowth Day (GDD) 2020,  we will work on a platform with tips for degrowth activism, to inspire and activate activists around the world. We will also help in the organisation of the preconference in Manchester, where organizations and activists of the degrowth movement will get together, similarly to what happened in Christiania, Copenhagen last year.

If you want to get active in the degrowth movement, there are many tasks and areas where you can contribute. For example:

–        Outreach and communication

–        Translations of some texts to as many languages as possible

–        Social media

–        For the Global Degrowth Day (GDD) we ask like-minded associations and organizations if they would like to be partners of the GDD (this implies promoting the event within their networks, and have their logo on our website). For this we need to:

o    make a list of degrowth-minded associations, organizations and activist groups per country, with contact information (e.g. Spain, France, UK, etc.)

o    contact these organizations and invite them to become partners of the Global Degrowth Day.

o    keep track of their answers and communication.

If you want to take up any of these tasks, let us know! Fill the form or write to and tell us in which task you would like to help. You can also contact us for more information. Everything helps, from one-time translations, to longer term support.

Join us and engage in the degrowth movement!

Warm greetings,

The international activism working group

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