Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist by Kate Raworth

Original article here.

Remarks by the R&D members:

Branco writes well, though there are many points we could criticize him. Kate’s response was a little bit weak in my view (given how good a debater she is), especially the part where she accepts the need for growth at a global level.

I didn’t find Raworth’s response that weak, particularly her response to his third criticism is potent; i think that her point about Milanovic been living for far too long in Washington DC wraps it up 🙂
– his second criticism is so slack and pointless, and, quite honestly, paternalistic: assessing marginality and importance in terms of size (?) of impact is not only empty criticism (as Rawforth says, it’s obvious that we need more, but thinking through the potential and implications of such initiatives/ ‘experiments’ is a way into advancing with conundrums), but also reveals a measure of male chauvinism: big boy able to see bigger picture, and not get hooked on enjoying small and pointless stuff – there you go, out of my organism!
– haven’t read the book, but if Rawforth does use “we” in the ways Milanovic suggests, it should be a considerable flaw of the book..


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