Pre-Conference Event – Organizing the Degrowth Movement 20th August 2018 – Freetown Christiania (Copenhagen)

Background: the survey, the map and the movement

In early 2018 the Support Group has launched an international survey in order to bring groups and individuals together for academic, political and practical actions on degrowth that go beyond the biennial conferences.

The pre-conference event that will take place in Freetown Christiania (Copenhagen) the 20th August. The place is just an hour by public transport from Malmo where will be held the next 6th international degrowth conference (21-25th August 2018).

  • If your organisation would like to participate, please fill the international survey and you will be contacted soon.

  • The deadline is May 15th (recommended) and not later than May 30th.

About the meeting

The objectives of the meeting are:

  • To get to know each other and to build more effective networks and collaborations (both for activists and academics, practitioners, artist, etc.) among degrowth realties in the world;

  • To organize/structure ourselves (even informally) as a movement in order to be more effective, democratic, inclusive and powerful (e.g. working groups)

  • To plan some collective actions.

Tentative schedule

9.15 Presentation of the project by the Support Group

9.30-13.00: each organization/group presents itself [please prepare a 3 minutes speech]

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-16.00 World café with 6 table on objectives developed by the Group Assembly Process “Organizing collective actions” at Leipzig 2014: 1.Who we are, 2. Who we are not, 3. What to do; 4. How to do it, 5. Our (re)sources, 6. Alliances

16.00-16.30 coffee break

16.30-17.00 Feedback from discussion groups

17.00-18.30 General discussion on how to organize ourselves (Fishball facilitation technique)

18.30-19.00 Creation of working groups (e.g. activists, practitioners, researchers, politics, artists, collective actions, education, IT group and other optional/free group if needed)

During the Malmo conference everyday each working group will meet for one hour (other people in addition to the representatives can participate) and the results will be presented in a plenary session in the last day of the conference, on the 25th of August.

Contact person of the support group responsible for the event: Jean-Louis Aillon

Organized by the Support Group (SG) of the International Degrowth Conferences.

The SG is the official promoter of the International Conferences, and it is composed of people who have been highly involved in the local organizing committees of the previous international conferences.

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