Athens Degrowth Forum Feb 20th-22nd A Great Success!

Organized by Research & Degrowth Greece and Iliosporoi*


Degrowth Forum titled “Prosperity without growth” concluded in Athens with great success! More than 500 people passed through the 3-day events!

Many interesting talks and conversations ranging from prospects for the cooperative movement, peer-to-peer production and back-to-the-landers in Greece to proposals about de-schooling, de-hospitalizing, and de-prisoning Greek society.
The proceedings of the conference and the concrete political proposals coming out of it will be available by by the end of March.

It was a very interesting attempt to bring people from different collectives, political and social movements, commoning projects as well as activists and researchers in order to produce a coherent framework of policies, towards a degrowth future. The event had great success with more than 500-600 participants and around 40 speakers which suggested over than 100 policy proposals. The whole event has been video-recorded and a special edition will be published very soon with the presentations and the proposals of each speaker as well as the several valuable contributions from the audience. Most of the presentations and the proposals were of very high quality,  a fact which can upscale the seriousness and the influence of degrowth within Greek society. Despite diverse people came from different schools of though and from different perspectives, the policies proposed were very little contradictory or oppositional and they can constitute, indeed, a relatively coherent political framework towards a better society.

*Iliosporoi (@iliosporoi) is a Greek info-action network on social and political ecology.


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