Call for the 5th International Conference on Degrowth

Open Call for Hosting the Fifth International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity

The international conferences on degrowth are central landmarks and moments of convergence of the international degrowth [] intellectual and social movement. They offer an unique opportunity for bringing together scholars with other members of civil society and demonstrating a different way of organizing conferences. A central feature of the conferences has been direct participation and collaboration among participants.

The past international degrowth conferences have been strongly influential in defining and opening new research and political fields. They have been inspiring and learning from social movements and experiments, and developed policy proposals as well as initiatives for social experiments in a wide range of areas. And besides all this they managed to attract significant attention from the general public and the media.

There is now a significant momentum, academic and social, around the idea of degrowth. Other conferences, research projects, courses and summer schools on degrowth have taken place in the same spirit in India, Canada, England, Sweden, Greece, Czech Republic, the Basque Country, etc. Each of these conferences has done a lot to advance the scientific discussion around degrowth, and to make the debate publicly visible. One sign for the success of the conferences as well as other mentioned initiatives is the substantial body of research on Degrowth published in international academic journals (over 100 articles and 7 special issues that have gone through normal peer review processes).

The International Degrowth Conferences had an increasing number of participants and managed to outreach to other groups, initiatives, and movements not directly involved in the degrowth debate but working on similar issues.

Given this momentum, R&D together with the Support Group (SG) offers to facilitate and sustain the organization of the Fifth International Conference (foreseen for 2016). Within the plurality and increasing number of events on degrowth that we experience and participate in, we wish to develop a clear identity and philosophy for the International Conference as a regular and recognizable event where scholars, civil society and practitioners come together to update each other on their degrowth-related research and activities.

Research and Degrowth (R&D) has promoted and co-organized five International Conferences on Degrowth in:

  • Paris (2008) hosted by Paris-Sud Telecom
  • Barcelona (2010) hosted by the Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Montreal (2012) organized by the Université de Montréal, McGill University, Université du Québec à Montréal, HEC Montreal and Concordia University
  • Venice (2012) organized by Associazione per la Decrescita, Spiazzi, IUAV, Universitá di Udine, Cittá di Venezia, Arci, Kuminda and Sesterzo
  • Leipzig (2014) organized by Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, Förderverein Wachstumswende, DFG-Research Group “Postwachstumsgesellschaften” at the University of Jena, University of Leipzig

This is an open call for expressions of interest from parties who wish to organize the next conference. If you are interested please present your project in 5-10 pages, including information on:

  • the general concept
  • the organizing team
  • a possible location
  • potential dates
  • organizational aspects
  • a preliminary budget and possible funding sources
  • a programme outline
  • a general structure of the conference: which formats etc.
  • potential plenary speakers
  • a possible thematic “focus” of the conference with a thematic subtitle (other conferences had such a subtitle and focus, e.g. Building bridges in Leipzig 2014)
  • any other information relevant.

One general remark for potential organizers: The Leipzig Conference was characterized by an extraordinary magnitude given also the specific German context, so that for the 5th Conference any size from 400 to 1000+ participants is acceptable, and there is no added advantage in the SG decision for those who promise a bigger event.

 Deadline for submission: February 1st

Please send your proposals to:

Ideally, if you intend to apply, please let us know so that -in case there are any updates- we can easily let you know. However, it is not a necessary condition to let the SG know in advance.

Following a list of requirements and suggestions the selection of the conference proposals will be done by the Support Group which is composed of members of R&D and representatives of the organizing committees of the hosting institutions which organized the previous conferences. Find here the details about the structure and functioning of the Support Group, the list of requirements and suggestions as well as any updates regarding the Call and future conferences:

Date on which the new Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is going to be informed about the decision: March 1st

In the event of our receiving numerous proposals, we will discuss with proponents the option of national or regional conferences paving the process towards the Fifth Conference (as was the case of the Conference of the Americas bridging the 2nd conference in Barcelona with the 3rd Conference in Venice).

We are looking forward to receive your proposals

The Support Group, Research & Degrowth (R&D),

Download here the PDF: Call for 5th Int Degrowth Conf 2016

Please check this document, which includes some suggestions for the organizers of the next conference: Requirements & Suggestions for the 5th Int Degrowth Conf 2016

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