Picnic 4 degrowth! 1st of June 2013

Change always starts with a nice chat around a good meal! The idea for a global picnic for degrowth was accepted at the second conference on degrowth and social justice in Barcelona in March 2010. This year will be its third edition. In the past years, it has been taking place in over 70 cities around the world! Join a picnic in order to create or strengthen a degrowth group at the local level. One aim of the soon opening website is to show that there are already many degrowth groups!

HOW to create a picnic in your town? Check the map. If there is no picnic in your city, please create one with the button underneath the map and become the coordinator (the person pushing for it to happen on the ground and not just on the internet. If there is already a picnic, just join and get in touch with the coordinator.

CONCEPT? Everyone brings a dish to share with their neighbors, a plate, fork and enjoy! Knowing our neighbors is the first step to forward degrowth at a local level.

LOGISTIC? Very little! Everybody will bring something… Please see the toolkit with advice on how to organize it better.

WHEN? 1st of June 2013

WHERE? Everywhere!

The picnic4degrowth-website will be established soon and you will find the link to it here.

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